New Concept Super Yacht Construction by the master builders of the Red Sea by Egypt Marine Enterprises. (PYB)

New Concept Super Yacht Construction by the master builders of the Red Sea by Egypt Marine Enterprises. (PYB)

 First we wish to welcome you. Our team here at Polars yachts representing Egypt marine Enterprises with South Read sea Ship yard's.

     You have arrived. Finding yourself at the top living a life of Luxury. Congratulations!

     Now the time has come you have decided to build your new concept Super Yacht. Polars Yachts will bring you to the very pinnacle of new concept yacht development. Working along side with our yacht builders, Inspired designers, and project managers, here at Egypt marine enterprises. and South Red sea ship yards. Working together alongside you to bring your new superyacht into view! Then reality. Highest Yacht expectation's delivered at an amazing value. Have it your way! Let us start a new day. Working together bringing your dream Super Yacht into your personal reality.   

Polars Yachts Brokerage LLC welcomes you aboard 

 We offer to you the world classic yachts designed and manufactured from around our globe. Offering one of our primer shipyards in the eastern Mediterranean Southern Red sea ship yards. The home of the Faros and home  to some of the very first luxury yacht building industry on earth. Unsurpassed over the centuries South Red Seas ship yard has been dedicated to excellence. From the hull structure Iron to fiberglass or wooden classics of your choice of material's. Notice their modern exterior lines, showing elegance of the best quality, and endurance found on the market today. Enjoy the quality joinery and lavish hard wood's to found on earth.    

From the days of the mighty Faros of Egypt. Their skilled yacht manufacturing has been sought after only afforded to royalty's of old. Forever held at the highest end of the privet yacht industry. Now in our modern time's can be delivered to you at an amazing savings. Our new global commerce makes all of this possible.

Polars Yachts Your gateway to personal luxury yacht ownership end to end service's. From laying of the keel to crewing of your personalized signature superyacht, or vessel of your choosing. Polars Yachts is your personal guide. offering foreign, and domestic yacht builders.       

Remember you can build your own super yacht to your personal tastes, and specification. Contact us for your discreet conference with one of our personal yacht concierge. (503) 820 9332 or