Now Offering a very clean Pearson 37' Sloop

Now Offering a very clean Pearson 37' Sloop

A very clean Racer/Coastal Cruiser

Person 37 5

1982 Pearson 37' Currently in San Francisco

The Pearson 37 was designed to IOR racing rules, by a designer who also recognizes cruising attributes. It has the distinction of having twice won the Boat of the Year in the Gulf of Maine series. As a solid, well-built boat, the P37’s racing orientation does not preclude its ability to handle offshore seas. What constitutes a cruising over a racing boat is very often a personal decision. Can this boat handle blue water? Most assuredly. However, the IOR did impose design restrictions that might make the boat less attractive to those looking for a more traditional or dedicated cruising design. Only you can make that decision which typically turns out to be based on comfort - however that factor might be defined by you and your crew.

The Boat 

A racing yacht is controlled by the rating rules and designed with performance as the ultimate goal. Cruising yachts on the other hand answer to no rule other than those imposed by the desire of their owners for luxury and efficiency. In the new Pearson 37 our design team has done an outstanding job of maximizing her racing potential by taking her to the limit of what is fast by today's standards. State-of-the-art, if you will. Realizing, however, that the market for stripped-out machines is limited, we have here a comfortable-yet-lightweight interior so that she will appeal equally to the racing enthusiast and the serious cruiser. The latest rule trends have placed high penalties on extreme configurations. With this in mind, we have purposely avoided shapes that ultimately would be taxed unfairly. The new Pearson 37 was designed to perform, to be fast, responsive, quick-out-of-the-tacks, and a joy to sail by those of us whose sailing pleasure comes from a boat that gets there in a hurry. And when there, she will certainly accommodate our crews in comfort.

Kimmarie Skinner (779) 875-7081

Hull Type Deep draft Keel
Rigging Type Masthead Sloop
LOA 36.9'
LWL 30.1'
Beam 11.8’
Draft 6.5’
Displacement 12,800
Ballast 5,400
Builder Pearson Yachts
Designers Bill Shaw
First Built 1982
Last Built 1986
Person 37 4