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Welcome to Polars Yachts

<strong>Welcome to Polars Yachts</strong>

Welcome to Polars Yachts Sales, Specializing in Used boats, sail, and yachts sales. Offering Columbia river bare charters operating out of the Port of Astoria Oregon.


Offering a simplified sales experience! Through our personalized sales team. We enjoy all things boating, our goal is to give our customers a fantastic purchasing experience!

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You're In Good Hands

Our company offers 40 years of inland, and ocean service! For your convenience we offer all type vessel deliveries, as well as filling any crewing needs for your vessel purchase. Ask sales agent about our resource services.

Thank you for your confidence, and trust from all our staff here at Polars Yachts.

Great Day on The Water

Polars Yachts offers our professional appointed team of experts to support and advise you throughout the sales process. Fallow on services after your purchase as well! Offering safe boating instruction, ocean & trailered delivery, and vessel crewing needs. Offer by 500-ton Captain Rod Purves with 40 years oceanic service. Enabling you to focus on relaxation aboard your new (small boat, sailing vessel, or yacht). Polars Yachts sells in the U.S.A except in Florida & California.

Contact us for charter pricing and our charters change to fit your Columbia river cruise desires.
Book 30 days in advance and save 10 percent.