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Polars Yacht Brokerage LLC. (PYB) Our family of concierge/ yacht consultants are aboard to assist you through the tasking purchasing, and sales maze! Specializing in speck projects New build Yachts And Super Yachts. Polars Yachts says why buy Used. Check out the prices of our new build project Yachts. custom builders, Indonesian Traditional Classic Schooner Designs

Looking into Polars Yachts You will find our selected team of consultants,  focused to offer you the best personalized service possible. Simplifying your dream new build, mega yacht, yachts, sailboat, or Water-craft purchase of your dreams and desire's.

Perhaps the time has come to list your current vessel? Let our friendly concierge/ yacht Consultants, personnel help to reach your listing goals!

Have a look at our (PYB) Chandlery Plus on line store for all your marine supply needs.  www.ShopPYB.co
Inquire about Detailing:
Call to set up an appointment today! One of our experts will come to you. Service your yacht, sailboat, or watercraft. Keeping your
investment looking it's best! Full detailing, and cleaning services. Also extending our services for your RV, van, truck, or car keeping them sparkling, and looking there very best with a like new shine. Contact us for detailing services. Contact us for contact us for area availability.

Polars Yachts Travel: Offer's all-inclusive travel packages for most Cruise ship companies. Look into our travel page to explore 1000's of Hotel and resort options around the world. Includes exotic charter boat dream vacation's. We will bring your travel needs, and vacation dreams to life!

for travel info fallow this link https://evotravelagent.com/polarsyachts.com

Polars Yachts Charters advertise your Charter business with us! Whatever your venue Supper yachts to Diving and fishing. By advertising with us, our concierge/consultants well help to keep your charter business booked, and moving full steam ahead! 

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Polars Yachts

(PBY) Is the Yachtman's preferred brokerage. Our yacht consultants truly enjoy all things boating! We have made it our goal to give our clients a fantastic experience!

  • By helping to navigate the trying process of constructing your perfect new build. Or finding the perfect yacht found on today's market.
  • Whatever you may desire. We will ship out through the boating market. Guiding you through the ocean of vessels. It's our task, and expertise together we will create your water world. (PBY) delivers

In Good Hands

Our company offers 40 years of Oceanic services, after serving in the Navy for 20 years and 22 years of Oceanic Research the great war is won I can happily report. Yet the real problem left behind Is the Orphanages and the extremely impoverished of our world! As Americans, and great people of our world & mostly all Sailors we get involved where ever the winds and tides carry us. Polars Yacht was formed to help meet some of those needs. We are a global company standing by to help list and sell all vessels ranging from Jet skis to Super Yachts. Professional sailors in the sailing community selling yachts and all watercraft. Just makes all the sense in the world! We love to help, mainly we are focused on serving your yachting needs, and yet!

20% of Polars Yachts going to meet the needs! We are tied to the Help The Needy Foundation which I am chairman of. For more information please contact us.

After listing with us. You will be working together with your friendly personal concierge/consultant through the entire process. Please ask any questions you may have! Also, inquire about our many services. all of which apply to Help The Needy https://ngupf.org

Great Day's on The Water

We offer many follow-on services after your purchase.

Operational Navigation zoom classes, or general equipment operation questions. electronics installation, and outfitting.

Offering ocean, or trailer delivery service, ask our captain Rod Purves with 40 years of oceanic service.

Polars Yacht Travels  Creating your dream vacations globally! If you can dream it we will sail together to build your personal travel Package.

 Hassle-free vacation's covering flights, accommodations, local area fun, dining, vehicle needs, and add-on excursion adventures!

Whatever your travel needs might be for business or pleasure. 

Creating your dream "Vacations is our mission".