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Rodrick Purves is an accomplished captain holding over 30 years ocean sea service within maritime industries. You can place you full confidence in our competent delivery’s services! To deliver your current, or newly purchased boat or vessel anywhere in the USA. Inland, or Ocean waters. Area of operation experience: All Alaskan waters, west coast to Panama, Gulf of Mexico, the Bahamas, Florida coast, Main to include all near coastal and inland waterways.

  • Offering safe boat operation, and navigational courses. For new boat owners and salty dogs upgrading to larger vessels.
  • Proud to offer crewing needs and services.
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Vessel Experience Certification & Current Training

500-ton Master on near costal Unlimited Radar, GMDSS, Bridge Management, Crowd Control Management 2 / Able Seaman Unlimited. Tankerman for fueling safety.

Proficiency Captain / 1 mate / boson Mate

Operating ships 500 GT mega yacht operation, NAVO Oceana, and Frugro research vessels Captain, 1 Mate and boson’s mate in charge of all deck operations. Experienced watch stander. Working knowledge with Radar unlimited, AIS, ARPA systems, VPDSD having a Strong Knowledge of most chart plotter systems, Mostly Rose Points, Nobel Tec, and Admiralty programs, GMDSS radio, and safety systems. Ship handling of DP vessels unlimited tonnage Global operations thousands of hours. On TAGO’s ships and supply vessels, working on 1600 oceans certification.

  • Maintaining emergency power supplies, and all Arial Antenna and radar equipment.
  • Installation of ISM maintenance building and maintain monthly hard copy’s and building computer generated Data base’s for at sea daily reports to Owner, port captain, or office personnel.
  • Maintain sign on sign off crew documents with ISM reports.

OSHA, ISO 9001, and IMO compliancy. All aspects USCG documentation, USCG COI’s, ABS inspections; MSDS programs and reports shipboard safety operations.

Captain/Chef Mate /ABW as boson mariner, in-charge of the daily vessel operations, and maintained the ship heading of all expeditionary vessel deployments for oceanic studies. Maintain all davits hoisting straps and bridles and aligned safety equipment. Deployment of all types of expeditionary vessels. Also, as coxswain of vessel’s including shore deployments, working knowledge of CFR’s to meet regulation standards. Stood all deck watches while on board and operated all survival and safety craft SOLAS compliant.

I hold a vast knowledge of Fire systems and operations. Operated most cranes and maintenance, managing pier side load out operations and load safety. Tankerman for fueling operations. Helicopter, small craft launch, and recovery. Strong proficiency in all docking line handling, Use of capstans, bits, and bollards. Operator of onboard container lift, cranes, forklifts, and Loading, and discharge marpol operations and instructions.