Building a classic Sailboat Owning a true Masterpiece Constructed by the Mistro of type

Silolona, Pinisi / Dunia Baru / Pinisi Waow  Traditional Custom Hand Crafted Motor-sailing liveaboard The pinas is a sailing vessel, ...
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It’s time to start thinking travel once again

which way are we headed after the COVID craziness is lifted? I mean we are in it together yet it ...
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Global Exotic Traveling Packages. Let Polars Yachts Travel Help You Discover And Make Your Vacation Fantasies Reality!

Release your inner sailor and find your passion Polars Yachts Brokerage much more than just yachts sales. If you can ...
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Polars Yachts

Learn to Operate your boat

What if your not an accomplished boatsman? There are some fun and interesting ways to get started out on the ...
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