It’s time to start thinking travel once again

which way are we headed after the COVID craziness is lifted? I mean we are in it together yet it must end at some point right? And we all need that much need vacation Hew wee! Ok enough of that COVID 19 stuff, yeah! so lets talk vacations packages and structure! The sky is the…

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Learn to Operate your boat

Polars Yachts

What if your not an accomplished boatsman? There are some fun and interesting ways to get started out on the water. have you ever thought of renting a boat? lots of local marines rent boats. and offer some simple instruction for the normal land luber. please take note me hearties as things are changing though-out…

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From a Sailors Point of view

As a Sailor 500/200 USCG master & CEO of Polars Yachts Brokerage LLC, Rodrick Purves Broker. For our first Blog post. I would like to share about our company. Who, and why Polars yachts. As a lifetime sailor! And a son of a sun of a sailor proven hardened and refined my skills while 20…

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